Wine And Food Make The Perfect Wedding Combination

Weddings are a significant transition in people's lives. They mark not only the conjugal relation between two people, but the union of two souls. For the celebration of this union, a gala is inevitable. It is their special day, of course!

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With our elegant and beautiful landscapes, exceptional backdrop and scintillating storrs hall wedding location, your gala is going to cross levels of perfectionism. Our pixies dust of emotions and beauty combined together give you a wedding to remember. However, what makes a wedding a crowd-pleaser? The diversity of delicacies coupled with great wine. It is a feast friendly combination.

Great wine when accompanying a great meal gives an exhilarating jamboree. Selecting the appropriate wine for an appropriate meal however can be a daunting task sometimes. Here are some tips by the storrs hall wedding team of experts to make sure your wedding stands out and is remembered by all of your guests. It is your special day. Make it count!

Something for the salty taste buds

Salty food can be best coupled with either a contrasting acidic wine, or a sweetened one. For the traditional European weddings, serving Stilton cheese is mandatory. Try serving the sweetened wine like Port with the salty cheese to stand out. Or if you are looking forward to smoked salmon on your dinner tables, then acidic wines like Riesling is the go to option.

For all pasta queries

For a wedding filled with pastas, seafood and poultry delicacies, the Pinot Noir is an excellent choice. The fruity yet acidic taste of the wine enhances the celebratory taste. It is versatile and a crowd pleasing wine selection. Similar levels of versatility can be achieved with California Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine lovers rejoice!

For a sophisticated and an affordable wedding, with multiple delicacies, the most interesting wine pairing would be that of the Rosé. Rosé is acidic yet fruity. It is the best of both worlds- red and white. Its characteristics make it possible to team it up with most, if not all menu items. The wine is growing in popularity everyday with more and more wine lovers becoming attracted to its appeal.

The Serve yourself combination

For a wedding with proteins, pastas, fruits and more, you cannot just settle for one particular wine. Therefore, to cater to the need of your buffet-meal style, offer both versatile tastes. To each his own! This is equally fun for your guests too. Just place both red and whites together. Let people choose their own paths. All this is going to make your wedding a happy memory.